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Unfortunately, rubber parts are not indestructible and need occasional replacing. You should always aim to replace rubber parts before they wear out and cause problems on the road.

Windshield wipers should be swapped out every six months. Tires should be replaced every five or six years. Anytime a rubber part feels brittle or has hairline cracks, it needs replacing. This includes radiator hoses, fan and accessory belts, heater core hoses, and all other rubber parts within the engine.

Don't get caught by surprise! Ask your mechanic to check the state of your rubber parts during routine inspections to avoid running into potential issues. It's always better to stop problems before they start!

You'll need: another running car, jumper cables, and a wire brush. Park the hood to hood, making sure each car is turned OFF. Locate the positive (+) and negative (-) side of each battery.

Attach the red cable to the positive (+) side of the good battery, and attach the other end of the red cable to the positive (+) side of the dead battery. Then attach the black cable to the negaive (-) side of of the good battery, and the other of end of the black cable to a section of unpainted metal on the dead car. You can use the small head of a bolt nearby for this.

Now you can turn on the car with the good battery, and after a about a minute turn on the dead car, and it should start. To be safe when disconnecting: first disconnect the black cables, then disconnect the red. Do not let red and black cables tocuh until they are completely disconnected. If your battery connections are corroded, wiggle the clamp a little to clean off the battery to make sure the jump works.